Resins for Desktop LCD/DLP
Resins for Desktop LCD/DLP
Resins for Desktop SLA
Resins for Desktop SLA
Resins for Industrial 3D Printers
Resins for Industrial 3D Printers
Model Resin
Model Resin

Designed for printing models that have high requirements in mechanical properties. Durable, non-shrinking and odorless

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Model Resin

Designed for printing models that have higher requirements for mechanical properties. Durable, non-shrinking and odorless.

The fully cured polymer is very hard and elastic the same time. This allows you to print functional parts that can withstand mechanical stress.

Cured models are resistant to decay and can withstand high temperatures (up to 100 ° C), which makes it possible to use models to create silicone molds by cold and hot vulcanization. Works with two-component silicone on tin catalysts.


Resins are odorless and cause no irritation, so you can work with natural ventilation without special technique.

Low shrinkage

Shrinkage less than 0.5% gives you the same size like 3D model on your computer and it doesn’t change size after postcuring.


Resin does not contain solvents and volatile monomers, irritating compounds. No fumes, odor and allergic reaction

Hard but Tough

Resins have 85-92 Shore D hardness the same time elastic. These unique properties are very useful in printing durable non-brittle models, you can use master-models for casting in rubber several times


Resin is very stable, you can leave it for a long time in the vat, no sedimentation and gel formation occur – no need to mix even pigment containing resins such as White, Black, Blue, Grey

Heat Resistant

Models has long-term stability under 100*C that make possible to cast it in cold and hot silicone or 2k resin molds. Also has short-term stability up to 180*C and models can be used for films thermosettling


Very wide color choice gives an advantage to the customer. Clear and White resins are specially for DIY tinting so you can easily get your own color shade.

Characteristics Value
Appearance Colored transparent liquid
Color Clear, Natural Clear, Grey, Black, White, Cherry, Blue
Odor Odorless
Viscosity according to Brookfield 0.8-1 Pa*s
Tensile strength 45 N/mm2
Elongation at break 4-6%
Hardness Shore D 87-92
Shrinkage <0.5%